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Economic importance of diamonds
Diamantová baňa          Most diamonds are mined in central and south Africa. Important finding places were discovered also in   Canada,  Russia, Brazil, and Australia.  About 130 million carats  of diamonds are mined yearly (i.e. 26,000 kg)   in the total value of almost  9 billion dollars. In addition, four times more industrial diamonds are produced yearly.

          Owing to their  hardness and optic properties the diamonds are  highly   asked for the production of  jewels. Diamonds to be used  as  gemstones are  cut  and polished into the shape of a special  polyhedron accentuating  their attractive look. As the diamonds are very hard  they are possible to be polished excellently  and are resistant  against   scratching (a diamond can be scratchy  only by another one). The diamonds refract the light  to the colours of the rainbow for which they are admired since long ago. The quality of diamonds is determined according to carats,  purity, colour, and cut. Already 2,500 years ago the diamonds were  considered to be the gemstones  in India.  Their popularity has increased  when new shapes of  cut were found  better accentuating the quality of a diamond.

          In industry,  diamonds are in use  particularly for their hardness owing to which  they are of  use in  saws, drills, and  grinders. At present, however,     also other ways of using the  diamonds occur as follows: some  blue diamonds are natural semiconductors whereas most  other diamonds  are excellent resistors. In industry, either synthetic or natural diamonds are in use that are not suitable for using in  jewellery. Due to this fact such diamonds are cheaper. Diamonds have been  in use for drilling  and  carving  already from the ancient era.

Diamond Stock Exchange          Mining, processing and distribution of diamonds  are controlled by a small number of companies. The business with diamonds is concentrated  in traditional  centres of which Antwerp is the most important.  The company De Beers having its seat in  Johannesburg (South Africa) and in London  (England) has been   the most important player on the market with diamonds already for one hundred years.  The firm and its  branches owe  the mines in which 40% of the world production of diamonds are being mined  and manage the distribution of almost two thirds of diamonds to be used as gemstones. In the past, De Beers were blamed  for  a monopolistic behaviour, e.g.  for  the manipulation of  prices. Some African  armed groups are obtaining  finances by selling the  diamonds.

          The greatest  bourse with diamonds is in Israel